Beauty Equipment Spots Removal Plasma Pen

Item No.: Plasma Pen
FOB Price:$10-$15
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Min.Order Quantity:100pcs
Supply Ability:
10000pcs per Month
Payment Terms:
100% brand new and high quality.

Safety and comfort: Remove spots without burning skin. Utilize high-tech ion carbonation to instantly remove freckles
Age spots, flat warts and so on. It can be quickly removed without side effects of bleeding, safety and medical cosmetic effects.
Using microcomputer control: safe, fast, convenient, stainless steel spot pen non-toxic, health,
Unsteady rusty unsafe use.
Intelligent processing: 9-step adjustable scanning point power output, reliable processing,
Unique electric ion carbonization function can instantly remove freckles, senile plaques, and flat warts.
LCD display: Shows its power and gear level, reading any of them is very clear.
Charging: USB cable is directly charged, easy to carry and easy to operate. High-capacity battery can work for more than 5 hours after full charge. 

installation steps:
1. Insert the needle cover into the tip, install the fine needle, and turn it clockwise.
2. Mount the thick needle directly on the tip of the pen and rotate it clockwise.
3. When not in use, rotate the needle counterclockwise.
Fine needles are disposable and should be discarded after use.

- Due to manual measurement, allow 1-3cm error.
- Use rubbing alcohol to clean the needle before use to avoid bacteria/infection.
- Do not tear the cymbals on your own, let the cymbals fall off in a natural way to avoid infection.
- If you are not sure which setting to use, always use the lowest setting first, and be sure to use it first - on your hand.
- If you are not sure whether this device is suitable for your skin, please consult a dermatologist.
- Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Postoperative note:
1. After removing the mole for 4 days to 10 days, it was affected by temporary red skin or pigmentation. One month later, pigmentation gradually subsided, and after three months, the pigment returned to normal. Avoiding light for three months after treatment is the key to preventing increased pigmentation.
2. Do not eat spicy food after the operation, do not drink, do not take aspirin, so as not to increase the response after treatment.
3. Do not make local water, do not infect, keep it clean and dry to reduce the chance of infection.
4. Strenuous exercise will not be performed after surgery to prevent infection or delay the repair process of sweaty skin.
5. The recovery period is 1-6 months. Please do not eat ginger, beef and soy sauce during the recovery period.